Cristiαno Ronαldo’s sleep hαbits: A chαllenge for regulαr person

Now 38 years old, Ronaldo has set his sights on proving he is still at the top of his game in the premier league, and he continues to do everything he can to remain in his heyday.

According to The Sun, Ronaldo takes five 90-minute rests per day as opposed to a full night’s rest.

The Portugal captain relaxes with a friend after consuming a dinner ostensibly designed by a nutritionist, then swims at 10 p.m. and snoozes until midnight. He then unwinds until 3 a.m., returning to bed until 5:30 a.m., before beginning his day.

Ronaldo sleeps in the fetal position due to its recommended health advantages, which include preventing back problems and enhancing posture.

Nick Littlehales is Ronaldo’s sleep consultant; he has instructed him on how to rest, how to prepare his body for specific kick-off times, and what to do before and after naps.

In a 2017 interview with The Independent, Littlehales described how he met Ronaldo and what he advises athletes to concentrate on. He said, “Anyone who has worked with Ronaldo knows that if you have a conversation in the corner of the room, he will come over and ask what you’re talking about.

“When Carlo Ancelotti became manager of Real Madrid, I was summoned. I was conversing with the Madrid personnel at the edge of the training pitch when Ronaldo ran over. You would have expected him to run directly to the locker room for a shower after a day of training, but instead, he asked what we were discussing.

“As an athlete, he has always invested in himself, so he was curious about what I was attempting to do. According to what I’ve learned from working with Ronaldo, he is not interested in fad regimens or imitating others. The only thing he cares about is whether or not it works for him.

Littlehales advises all of his clients not to view screens or use their phones an hour and a half before bed, not to purchase luxury mattresses, to have clean laundry for each nap, and to sleep alone.

Regarding mattresses, he proceeded, “You only require 10 centimeters of foam.” Why is it that when you go camping and lie on a thinner mattress you wake up feeling so great?

“During the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia, and Vuelta an Espana, I’ve worked with Team Sky for a number of years, and we always ensure that the cyclists sleep on the exact same mattress each night.”

Ronaldo impressed on his debut and appears poised to tear apart the Premier League this season. With expected squad improvement, they could mount a serious title challenge this year.

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