Erling Hααlαnd ‘dreαming’ of next club αs Fαbrizio Romαno is told Mαn City stαr will mαke fαscinαting reunion

Erling Haaland of Man City

Real Madrid are at the top of the list of preferred next destinations for Manchester City striker Erling Haaland, an insider has shared with Fabrizio Romano.

Haaland has enjoyed a phenomenal first season in Man City colours after joining them from Borussia Dortmund last summer. He has already surpassed the milestone of 50 goals for his new club. But how long they can keep hold of him has quickly become an issue.

Man City are one of the most powerful clubs in world football thanks to their finances and recent success under Pep Guardiola. But there are other teams with more traditional pedigree that could be appealing to elite players like Haaland.

Indeed, Real Madrid might be dreaming about taking the Norway international to La Liga. He would certainly fit their mould of being a ‘galactico’ signing.

As things stand, Man City shouldn’t be worried about losing Haaland this summer. But they remain at risk of seeing him prised away in 2024, when Madrid might have serious plans to poach him.

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If they succeed, they could be reuniting him with his former Dortmund teammate Jude Bellingham, who now looks likely to move to Madrid this summer.

Speaking to Romano on his YouTube channel, Sport1‘s chief reporter Patrick Berger has shared an inclination that Haaland and Bellingham will ultimately rekindle their partnership in the Spanish capital.

Erling Haaland ‘dreaming’ of Real Madrid move

Berger said: “Yeah, I think so. If Jude decides now to really join Real Madrid, and the big transfer – one of the biggest I think in the summer’s going to happen – then I would say, why not?

“Because we all know that Erling, Real Madrid is on the top for him. He’s dreaming, of course, he and his father, to play there in the future.

“So why not? I can really imagine to see them both playing at Real Madrid. I think you have the same feeling.”

Romano replied: “Yeah, I don’t know if it’s going to be Real Madrid, we will see, because Erling is very happy at City now.

“We have to see how it will evolve but I agree with you that there is a very good chance for them to play together, also because they are big friends, so we hope to see these two fantastic players together.”

Previously, Haaland and Bellingham shared a pitch with each other on 63 occasions for Dortmund.

But with Bellingham seemingly turning down the chance to join City this summer, if he is to link up with Haaland again then it will likely have to be in Madrid.

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