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On September 5, 1738, a man who signed his name as George Michael H˙ttel swore
his Oaths of Allegiance to the English Crown and to the Commonweath of Pennsylvania.
He had just arrived at the Port of Philadelphia on the ship Winter Galley. The Captain of
the ship, Edward Paynter, had recorded this man as Jurg Michl Hittel, a Palatine boarding
the vessel at Rotterdam, Holland.

"Family Legend" holds that accompanying Michael (George Michael) was his younger
brother, Peter (Johannes Peter). While no documentation is currently available to substantiate
this part of the "family legend," circumstantial evidence does not seem to reduce its likelihood.
HOWEVER, it MUST be noted that there is NO documentation currently at hand that
definitively establishes any relationship between Michael and Peter, much less a sibling one.
But, the 2 men were contemporaries in Old Northampton County, Pennsylvania. And,
members of Peter's family have long held that he came to America with a brother from
Rhenish Bavaria, according to the account of Theodore Henry Hittell,
noted author and California statesman.

Another Hittel immigrant arrived on the ship Boston in 1764. Nicklas Hittel had embarked
the vessel in Rotterdam and had made an unusually late summer passage. Arriving in Philadelphia, he swore his
Oath of Allegiance on the 10th of November, 1764. Neither documentation nor "Family legend" seems to exist explaining
what, if any, relationship there might be between this Nicklas and the other Hittle families.

These 3 men have families which still can be traced genealogically to them today. Other Hittle/Hittel
immigrants have also arrived both into the United States and Canada through other ports than Philadelphia.
The purpose for this website is to provide a "Symposium" for discussion about any and all
Hittle/Hittel/Huettel/other-variant-spellings genealogical matters. You are welcome to browse,
take part in the discussion process, and utilize the information here in any non-commercial genealogical
endeavor, including research papers for academic reasons.

All submissions will be considered © copyright of Joseph A. Hittle upon display in any forum related
to this site. This means that this site is intended to be a safe place for discussion without fear that one's material
might be "stolen." You are free to use your own submissions in any way you desire without asking permission.
Permission is also given for proper citation of the copyright material included here (following at least Turabian
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The heritage of our family has become significantly important to me. I am a 5th Great Grandson of George Michael H˙ttel Sr.
My guess is that if you are connected to any Hittel family in any way, your relationship to me can be established somehow.
However, as mentioned above, MANY Hittel/Hittle/Huettel immigrants have arrived over the years for whom no known ties have
yet been documented, and unfortunately in many cases, I'm not sure anyone has made a serious and credible attempt to do so.

This site exists to help "us" to establish our family ties and reunite ourselves to a very good group of people around the world.

Enjoy Exploring!!

Table of Contents

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